Chevrolet Corvette 

2 door T-Top Coupe w/ removable rear window

General Statistics

Of 38,862 Corvettes manufactured in 1969, 22,129 units were Coupes.

The original base Price was $4,781 (1959 dollars)

Options and Specifications:

Only 10,325 vehicles were equipped with Tilt-Telescoping Steering Column at a cost of $84.30

Only 11,962 vehicles had the Front Fender Louver Trim at a cost of $21.10

Only 4,114 vehicles had the AM-FM Stereo Radio installed at a cost of $278.10

Only 2,398 vehicles came with White Letter tires, F70X15 Nylon at a cost $33.15

Only 8,073 vehicles came with Deluxe Wheel Covers at a cost of $57.95

Only 12,436 vehicles came with Anti-Theft Alarm System at a cost of $26.35

Delivered Factory Cost of this vehicle in 1959 was: $5,221.95

Original Cost in 2010 dollars : $ 33,037.61

This vehicle's last sale price was $ 13,900 (in 2010 dollars)


Exterior Color :   Monza Red (c.1985) originally RIVERSIDE GOLD (CODE: 980)

Interior Color:   Deluxe Black Vinyl (CODE: ZQ4)

Production Date: February 24, 1969 (CODE: F24)

6th Month (F) and 24th day (24) after production began in September 1969 with Mo. Serial #703041

Mileage:    85,403


VIN: 1Z37K2S505486*

1 = Chevrolet    Z = Corvette    37 =  Coupe     K = Normal engine 350 200 HP      2 = 1972 Model Year      S = St. Louis assembly plant

505486 = the 5,486th unit produced

* Note: This 1972 VIN number is stamped on a plate affixed with star rivets to the left (Driver's side) windshield frame.

Though the VIN plate identifies the vehicle as a 1972 model, it would appear the VIN plate is the only item on this vehicle from 1972.  This VIN number belonged to a vehicle that was declared a total loss in 1983

and for which an Insurance Payment was made in full settlement of the Loss Claim by the loss Payee on the policy. This car was junked but somehow the VIN Plate was salvaged and then was affixed to this vehicle

and somehow a new Title from the State of Indiana was obtained.

According to the VIN stamped on the rear left frame and confirmed by the VIN numbers repeated on the Muncie Transmission (see below) , this vehicle had an original VIN number from 1969


1=Chevrolet  9=Corvette  4=V8 Engine  37=Coupe   9=1969 Model Year   S=St. Louis Assembly Plant   714476=Sequential build number**

**NOTE: This number is the same as that stamped on the Transmission Case (See below Transmission Serial Number)

The number is stamped on the upper surface of the rear left (driver) frame directly behind the left rear motor mount

This vehicle was the 14,476th produced out of 38,762 units

manufactured from September 1968 to December 1969

In 1983, this vehicle was reported stolen and there is no report of it having been recovered. Indiana DMV shows the vehicle as having Title transferred to an Insurance Company. Most data bases do not go back more than 10 years so no record of this theft was available through conventional searches. However, the NICB research at the request of the Martin County Sherriff determined that this VIN did in fact belong to a STOLEN CAR still unrecovered after 27 years. The original owner had claimed for his loss and the Hartford Insurance Company has claimed it paid the claim and had taken ownership. However, the Company has not located any documentation and does not have a valid Title in its possession. From 1983 to 1986 there is no history available as of yet. However, the area of Brazil, IN is a small community of barely 500 persons and everyone knows everyone and would certainly be aware of a car so outstanding as a Corvette - especially a 1969 masquerading as a 1972. In 1986, the vehicle was taken in on trade by Mark. A. French Inc., a large Chevrolet dealer in Brazil, IN. The salesman who has sold Chevrolets since 1965 vaguely remembered the car as being a Maroon color. Somewhere in storage, the sales agent claims to have records of every car sale he has ever done since 1965. He found it strange that he did not pick up on the fact that a 1972 Titled car looked like a 1969 car and did not prompt some serious questions. The sales agent speculated that possibly the Insurance Company had sold it to someone for salvage to be rebuilt and as such acquired a new VIN number from another car also originating as a salvaged car. In fact, it is verified that the 1972 VIN did in fact belong to a wrecked vehicle sent to the salvage yard according to Indiana DMV records. After a short time on the lot, he sold the car to a Clay County Deputy Sheriff. After the new owner had rebuilt the engine twice, he sold it to the engine shop owner and at some point the car was repossessed for an outstanding loan by First Sate Bank in Brazil, IN. The vehicle was bought by an Indiana resident in 1992 from the Bank via sealed bid auction for $6,000. The car was driven for 16 years before being sold to a neighbor in July 2008. The car was in very poor condition when he got it. He had to sand the paint down to the original fiberglass. In the process he discovered that only the center section was red to the base while the rear had been a gold color and the front a silver color (color of the original car reported stolen). The buyer rebuilt the transmission entirely keeping only the casing, installed a new small block engine and Holly carburetor among other improvements. In November 2009, he put it up for sale on Ebay under Item # 190345268572. The current owner was high bidder at $13,900 and incurred a $750 transportation charge to get the car to Florida where it obtained a new Title. The vehicle was registered and insured for a few months until it was decided to do some major restoration work.  After some $22,000 in restoration was made to the vehicle, the original year of build seemed more certain than ever to be 1969. The owner contacted the Martin County sheriff's department on February 16th 2010 to explain his doubts and to seek help in finding out more about the various VIN numbers.  A case (#10-01872) was opened and the owner was told to contact the Florida DMV to deal with the VIN issue. After several weeks of trying to reach the correct DMV office, the owner contacted the regional compliance officer for the DMV and after several more weeks he was asked to trailer it over to the St. Lucie County Sheriff's garage on 26 April 2010 where the car could be inspected and the VIN issue clarified. During these intervening 9 weeks, not one official had been to see the automobile and there had been only two voice communications - both initiated by the owner. The inspecting Sheriff's detective wanted some information to complete the report of his findings which the DMV Compliance officer needed. The Martin County Detective had received an email with that information from Indiana but failed to turn that information over to the Detective in St. Lucie County. Nevertheless, the origin VIN of the car was confirmed and the vehicle was ordered re-VINed and the Title to be corrected by the Florida State DMV. The car was reported recovered by the St. Lucie County, Florida Sheriff's Department on April 26th, 2010 but before returning it to the current owner of record, a Detective at the Martin County Sheriff Office impounded the vehicle and has been holding it pending final determination of who is the legitimate owner. The Detective created a new Case Number (#10-05264) and stated that he had recovered the car from he owner's private residence which was a patent fabrication of the truth. Neither Police Department fully complied with Florida Statutes, in particular 320.261 in impounding, transferring and holding the vehicle. No inventory of the vehicle contents or condition was done, the car was towed away to an undisclosed location, the impound document was never signed by anyone from the Sheriff's Office in St. Lucie or Martin Counties. The reports written by the Martin County Detective were full of errors and downright inventions and untruths. The Martin County legal advisor then wrote a letter making determinations that are far beyond his capabilities and no valid reason to hold the car beyond the 5 day initial period was ever provided. The Florida DMV has been attempting to gain access to the vehicle for several weeks but have failed to obtain cooperation from the investigating Detective involved. Final disposition is still under consideration to determine which VIN really should apply, whether or not a valid claim exists on the part of the last owner for the theft of his car or the the Insurance Company involved, and what part of the whole qualifies as original. At this point only the forward body and the frame and transmission casing are from 1969. All the rest have been added later even though all replacement parts are faithful to the original. As a result, the current owner filed a Claim under the Ebay Vehicle Protection Plan. In the meanwhile, the car's status is that it has been impounded by the Sheriff of Martin County.

When this vehicle was reported stolen, Chevrolet Division was creating a new version of the Corvette and no Corvettes were sold to the public in that year. The 1984 model was a new design with a base price of $20,800. By 1983, the year this vehicle was reported stolen, it had already been operated for almost 14 years and its depreciated value was around $1,500. The current vehicle has about 10% or less of its original parts - namely part of the body, some of the frame, transmission casing and front axle. The rear 1/2 of the body appears to have been extensively reworked. Since 1983, the engine has been replaced at least twice. The interior panels, seats and console, weather stripping, front grills, dash bezel, emblems, mirrors, carpet and electrical wiring, instruments, window cranks, door handles, radio, suspension, wheels and muffler system have all been replaced and the body was completely renewed with a different color and the transmission rebuilt. In 1983 the car was a silver color (factory paint code 980). In 1969 there were only three (3) colors offered primarily. When purchased in 1992, the vehicle sported the 1972 VIN and was a dark red/burgundy color (1972 factory paint code 973). While preparing it for a new paint application, it was discovered that the car had the rear portion a metallic gold color (probably the original 1969 color), the center portion was a red color and the front section a silver color. This would suggest that the body had come from at least three vehicles. The owner at the time sanded the entire car down to bare fiberglass, repaired various cracks and repainted the entire car the current red using Martin SennourTech-base and clearcoat. The bumpers were re-chromed.

The vehicle in the late 1990s after being refurbished by the third owner, Jeffrey Wilson in Indiana.


Corvette Issues Review


Engine Assembly Date/Suffix Code/VIN Info  16J188182 / V1209CMJ

1=Chevrolet    6= 1976     J=Janesville, Illinois

188182 = last 6 digits of VIN of vehicle in which engine was to be installed 

V = Manufactured in Flint, MI     12/09 = Assembled on December 9th

CMJ = 1974, 350 cid, 4 Barrel Carburetor, 160 HP for a Police Car

Located front upper right (passenger) side of engine block

Block Casting Date  GM 3899621

350 cu. in. models produced in 1969 and early 1970 (extended 1969 production models)

Located right (passenger) rear side of engine block



Block Casting Number 3970010

350 cu. in. models produced in early 1970 (extended 1969 production models) with 2 o 4 bolt main bearings

Located left (driver) upper rear edge of engine block



Motor Size Stamp in Cubic Inches/Liters 010 020 972

Located midway on engine block left (driver's) side


Transmission Main Case Lot Number    3925660  

3925660 1968 1970 1" Bore Patent Number

3925660 = Muncie M-20 Ratio 2.52 1st /1.88 2nd/ 1.46 3rd/ 1.00 4th/ 3.11 Rev.

Rings= 2 ; Spline= 10 ; Tooth Count= 21

4-speed Manual Transmission Manufactured 1968-70

Located on upper right center (passenger) side of Transmission


Transmission Tailhousing Number    3857584 GM  

3857584 1966 1970 Passenger side speedo, 27 spline

Located on upper right center (passenger) side of Transmission


Transmission Side Cover Number    3950306  GM

 3950306  Short boss with bolt on type shift shafts - no switches

Located on rear right center (passenger) side of Transmission


Transmission Serial Number:  P9A13A

P=Muncie Plant  9=1969         A13=January 13th          A= M20

This number is stamped vertically on the right (passenger) side of the transmission. The last two are hard to read but appear as 3 and A.

The lower numbers are the VIN number reference: 19=1969 year ; S= Assembled at St. Louis Plant;  714476=same as last six digits on frame.





The Glass Code is NV (January 1969):   



tail light and fender light plastic lens molding dates are 1968 and 1969; and


the side grill molding is unique to 1969 models.

This car has only one Vacuum Relay for the 2 headlamps which is unique to early 1969 and earlier models

This car has a Vacuum Storage Tank with only two outlets which is unique to early 1969 and earlier models

This car has the Windshield Wiper Door Relay mounted on the right front fender which is unique to early 1969 and earlier models









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Current Title

Security Agreement

Recent restoration costs

Recent restoration and maintenance records


Rear Suspension