In 1958, Frank A. Molther and John F. Beidleman purchased a tract of land consisting of approximately 30 cuerdas on a ridge overlooking San Juan in the Laberinto Sector of the Mamey I Ward in the Municipality of Guaynabo. The farm (FINCA) had two parcels and were bounded on the south-east by a small farm dirt road that was known as Municipal Road 835. That same road now connects the old Municipal Road 834 and the current Road 835.

In 1964, two parts of the main farm were segregated: one in the southeast corner of 2,900 square meters upon which John was to build a house and one of 3,020 square meters adjacent in the southwest cuadrant for Frank to build a house. A small area on the southeastern edge was donated to the Puerto Rico water company to build a water tank as well as a small piece on the southwest edge for a pumping station.

The remaining 20,000 square meters made up of two parcels to the North of the two segregated parcels remained and were bought from Beidleman by Frank Molther in 1973. Since this would have been a landlocked property, Molther acquired a strip of land 65 feet wide by 215 feet long to connect the farm directly to Municipal Road 834 on its southeast edge. In 1973, Molther grouped all three Parcels together as one farm (FINCA).

The farm was optioned in 1982 for $60,000 by Apostol and ownership transferred in 1992 from Molther's Estate after his death in 1991.