The Equines of Yardley Farms

Khan - A Standardbred gelding who once raced at Pompano Racetrack. He was rescued by the Florida Standardbred Adoption Foundation in 1996 from his then owners, Joseph and Hazel Gravagna of Parkland, Florida. After several placements, Khan came to Yardley Farms in July 2004 where he quickly became "Top Horse".


Khan was born in Pompano , Florida on 16 May 1984 as Florida Haze before being named Khan. His tattoo is C19178 and he was registered at USTA on 20 June 1984. His Sire, Genghis Khan, had been a million $ winner at the track but his Dam, Ebony Mountain, had earnings of just $11,797. Khan's earnings peaked at $40,757 despite having a respectable track record time of 1:57 During his 8 year career he placed 1st in 14 out of 140 starts with his first race being run on 12 March 1987. He placed 2nd 23 times and 3rd a respectable 16 times for a lifetime record of Winning, Placing or Showing in 38% of his starts. He ran his last race on 10 May 1995.

In September 1996, Khan was adopted by Dave Rutter who had just moved to the Ocala area for use as a pleasure driving horse. After 4 years Khan was returned because Dave Rutter found Khan a bit of a handful and anyway his interests had shifted to reining. He was adopted out to a couple in Royal Palm Beach with warnings to keep Khan exercised regularly. Apparently, so the story goes, the wife decided to ride Khan bareback down the street despite Khan not having been ridden in several weeks. Khan was spooked by a dog and dumped his rider. As it happened, the woman was in the early stages of pregnancy and the accident caused her to suffer a miscarriage. Her husband took out his rage on Khan with a board and Khan was returned to the Foundation with a broken nose, neurological damage to the face and a healthy distrust of humans that lasted for quite a long time. He was moved about between several potential adoptive homes until arriving at Yardley Farms on Friday, 16 July 2005 at 5:30 PM . Khan was finally home.

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(Ozzie) Moe and Sandy (Harriet) -



Sandy and Moe are miniature Sicillian Donkeys. Sandy was born in 1997 and Moe, her offspring, was born in 1999 apparently in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Moe was gelded and though Sandy was touted as being pregnant when adopted from her owner, William H. Hatton of Palm City, Florida, she never foaled and was just a bit overweight. Since coming to Yardley Farms, they have stopped stray dogs, coyotes, fox and bobcats from crossing the property. Upon arriving at Yardley Farms, they were given the names Ozzie and Harriet with the intention that Sandy's foal would be named Ricky.

Sandy Harriet's Blood Analysis Reports and Coggins Test results

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Harley Bear -


Harley Bear is a Miniature Paint born in Stuart, Florida in 2002. He was fully trained to pull a small cart. Due to medical emergencies in the family, the owner, Jennifer Passot had to move to Tennessee and desperately needed a home for this beautiful stallion. She boarded him at Granny Pam's Party Ponies in Fort Pierce, Florida while trying to find him a good home. Because his pedigree had been lost, he was gelded on 15 July 2006. He took up residence at Yardley Farms on the 17th of July 2006.