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The Mollucan Cockatoo

Luv and Kisses were rescued from a roadside pet shop in Puerto Rico. This mated pair was imported from Indonesia and they are about 15 years old. The second largest of the Cockatoo family, they are considered a pest in their native land.

The Hyacinth

Ito and Lolita - 10 and 11 years old in 2005, this bonded pair came from Puerto Rico. The largest of the Macaw family, these birds can live 75 years and are valued at over $10,000 each.

The Blue and Gold

The most common of the Macaw family, they are known for being mischievious. This family consists of 7 from one family and one Florida adoptee. The adoptee, Leo, turned 5 in 2005. The other 7 consist of the 3 male and 2 female babies hatched and handraised in 2002 and their parents, a rescued 12 year old from Venezuelan jungles and her mate hatched in the USA in about 1990.

The Buffon

These two Buffons are from southern Mexico. Barry and Tina, a bonded pair, have quite a vocabulary and Barry even waves goodbye while saying "bye-bye". Though of unknown age, they are thought to be around 25 years old.

The Caninde

Also known as the Blue Throated Macaw to differentiate it from the Blue and Gold (which has a black throat), this species comes from Venezuela. Named "Cracker" because she says her name on command and also lifts her claw in salutation, this bird was most likely born in Florida and is about 15 years old.

The Scarlet

The most colorful of the Macaw family, these Central American birds exhibit the prized wide yellow band of feathers. Baby, the 25 year old male, was brought from Nicaragua while Robin, the female, was hand raised from Honduran parents and hatched in Puerto Rico on July 4th, 1992 - the 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Americas.

The Military

Simon, the smallest of the Macaw family, was rescued from a pet shop in Puerto Rico. He is approximately 12 years old and was born in Georgia from parents originating in the private collection of General Noriega in Panama.

The Green Wing

The largest of the Macaws after the Hyacinth, this male example named Paco comes from Colombia and is thought to be about 50 years old. He was confiscated from a drug trafficker in Puerto Rico and dances on command.

The Red Fronted Macaw

Rea and Kirby came to us in April, 2005 from a Florida breeder at only 2 years old. This species is quite rare in captivity and on the endangered list. Their natural habitat is primarily the lowlands of southern Peru and Bolivia.

The Baby Macaw

Naked and weighing barely 20 grams, this creature will grow to 1,000 grams in less than 60 days. At birth it is blind and completely dependant on its mother.

The surrogate mother

The baby receives a few CCs of formula every two hours for the first two weeks of life. In the wild, it is the mother and father who predigest and regurgetate the food - the surrogate mother does it with a syringe.

The feathers grow in

A month after being hatched, the babies begin to look like a Macaw. The feathers start to appear and weight nears 1,200 grams.

The Sublime and the Ridiculous

Here are one week old, 30 day old and two month old baby Macaws.