Purrrrrfect Pals in Paradise



Born in 1996, this short haired tuxedo was the victim of a botched declawing operation. He was rescued from the St. Croix Animal Shelter in the U.S.V.I. and had to undergo another operation to put things right.



As his name implies, he is tranquility embodied. But when he found our front gate in 2000, he was about five years old and had been declawed. It took a few cans of Sheeba Catfood (hence his name) and he was home for good. At first he was thought to be a her but now we all know better.



Brought in for evaluation by an Old San Juan rescue group, this long haired mix has stayed on and is slowly overcoming his rather antisocial behavior.



This Manx cat came from a north Florida shelter and was adopted as a 1 year old in 1998. Delivered by private aircraft and chauffeured limo to my mother who lived alone until her death  in 2003. Mona came to stay with us and was the constant companion of Simba until her passing in 2006. Mona now has the run of the guesthouse and expects to be brushed every day.