of those who gave us


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Toucan - 5 years old

Touquy slept on the bed as a baby in 1984. He died unexpectedly in 1988 of a heart attack in El Salvador

Chilli Bean - 18 years old

Chilli came from the Shelter to be the first small dog among giants. She was an ambassador and passed on to a better world in 1997.

Chispo - 13 years old

Chispo was adopted from the Puerto Rico streets in 1992 and passed away from a cancerous tumor in 1998

Schatzy - 15 years old

Schatzy was abandoned on a main road on July 4th, 1992 in Puerto Rico. She was a loyal friend until she passed on to eternal peace in 2002.

Otis - 19 years old

Otis was born in Boston and was brought to Puerto Rico. He was left behind by his owners when they left, to be sent for later. He came to us in 1988 and remained top cat until he became a spirit in 2002.

Turacos - 16 years old

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum joined us in 1985 in El Salvador. Tweedle Dee died in Puerto Rico in late 2001 and Tweedle Dum died shortly after arriving in Florida in December 2002.

Chinese Geese - 23 years old

These geese emigrated from a neighbor in 1988 in Puerto Rico and later moved to Florida. One of them had been kicked by a donkey but despite a severe breastplate injury lived on until 2003.

Pea Hen - 5 years old

Pea Cookie was born in Puerto Rico and made the trip to Florida. She immediately made friends in the neighborhood and produced at least 15 offspring before being killed by a fox or a bobcat defending her babies

Emden Geese - 23 years old

Goosy Goosum and his mate came from Puerto Rico and never produced an offspring until arriving in Florida in 2003. He died of old age and she was killed by a bobcat.

Sir Tom - 2 year old Wild Turkey

Sir Tom came to us as a rescue and soon weighed over 40 pounds. He died on April 26th, 2005 in our arms of heat prostration and heart failure.

Taz - Quarterhorse 3 years old

Raz-ma-Taz was born on the next farm and grew up as a spoiled brat with a wholesome personality. He died suddenly at barely 3 years old on May 26th, 2005 of a spinal infection.

Shawnee - 29 years old

This sometime pigeon toed cow horse could race around barrels better than horses half her age. Her sweet disposition endeared her to everyone. The day before Hurricane Wilma struck in October 2006, she went to her favorite spot overlooking the pond and lay down in the soft grass where she quietly slipped off to equine heaven.

Daisy - 18 years old

Daisy appeared on the back terrace just before Hurricane Hugo. She was the best ratter ever known and retired peacefully to Florida. She passed away in November 2004

Simba - 14 years old

This bundle of fur was first discovered in Puerto Rico by our dogs when she was only a few days old in 1992 She was literally snatched from the jaws of our Rottweiler and has stayed around as part of the family. Her thyroid condition left her overweight and pulmonary and cardiac difficulties led to her passing 14 years later.

Bebe - 18 years old

A true Sato(Puerto Rico mongrel) that came to us in 1991, got distemper and went away only to return cured at the inauguration of our recycling plant in the midst of a deluge in March 1992. She spent considerable time in a bird cage and served as a Factory guard before becoming a full-time indoor mascot. She went, as she came, in the arms of her owner, with dignity to the end. After losing her mobility, she passed on peacefully on 9 July 2006.

Dynamite - 18 years old

Dynamite was born in Caguas, P.R. in 1988. She was run over by her owner which necessitated her right front leg to be amputated. Inexplicably, the owner surrendered her to the local shelter where we adopted her in 1989. She has been a loyal part of the family until her dehydration and other end of life issues reduced her quality of life. She passed on to a better place on July 14th, 2006.

Rocky - 16 1/2 years old

This Terrier mix, born in 1990, was originally part of the gang out at the Plastics Factory in Toa Baja, PR. On two occasions he was responsible for alerting his owners to some intruders attempting to rob the house. His special bark allowed the robbers to be caught in the act. Once, he and Chispo, were caught pulling the desk chair of their owner through the office door and out into the garden. He will always be remembered as our "wannabe" Jack Russell terrier. His heart murmur became worse and his breathing became so labored he no longer enjoyed eating and going for a walk. On September 29th, 2006 after approximately 16 1/2 years of devotion, Rocky went to Foreverland in the arms of his caregiver.

Tanya - 14 1/2 years old

Found at the factory in Puerto Rico in March 1992, she was barely 1 day old. This Sata was bottle fed which left her with an engaging toothy smile. For many years she guarded the factory grounds surviving severl hurricanes and being hit by a car before retiring to our house. She was an indoor dog with her friends in Florida until old age and organ failures reduced her quality of life to the point where she joined Rocky on a trip to Foreverland on September 29th, 2006 at nearly 15 years old.


May they rest in PEACE in




     FELINES                                                                CANINES

Bibi                                                                                 Grit

Kitten Boo                                                                      Portia

George                                                                            Snoopy

Calico                                                                             Foxy

Sam                                                                                 Chili Bean

Tuya                                                                               Tito

Mr. Gin                                                                          Tita

Tamqueray                                                                    Noodles

Marmalade                                                                    Daisy

Dynamite                                                                        Bebe

Otis                                                                                 Rocky

Simba                                                                             Tanya

Mitchel                                                                           Chispo

Houdini                                                                          Schatze

Shibui                                                                             Peanut

Miss Kitty                                                                      Blondie



       EQUINES                                                                    OTHER

Ozzie                                                                                Lady

Harriet                                                                            Iggy

Ricky                                                                               Nunu

Khan                                                                                Peacookie

Daisy                                                                                Sir Tom

Moe                                                                                 Haggis

Harley Bear                                                                   Pato Aflac