1967 Mercedes-Benz

250 SL Pagoda

( November 12, 2016 - Current   )

TITLE NO. 105966440 (FLORIDA)

Mileage: 95,874 Km (59,573) Miles as of 1 January 2017

Mileage: 96,124 Km (59,728) Miles as of 1 January 2018

NADA Price Guide

VIN : 11304312001659 (Serial Number)

Engine Number: 129.982-12-000797

Transmission Number: GA 230 SL-E-42187




First Line - Option Code: 426 (Combination Option Codes 420+422) Automatic transmission, floor shift + power steering

Second Line - Paint Code: 180 G (Silver Grey from Glasurit Paint - body) 180 G (same hardtop and hubcaps) "6" specifies that Hardtop was installed with soft top folded

Third Line - Vehicle Serial Number 113 (Platform - car) 043 (Model - 250SL) 1 (Lefthand drive) 2 (Automatic) 2 (Sold in Germany)

Fourth Line - 6 (Level of pigmentation 0-10) 00333 (Sequential production number) 01533 (Chassis Number)

Interior Color Code: 116 - Seats (Caviar 2100 MB-Tex) Carpet (Black 6125 Boucle square weave)

Soft Top Color Code: 720 Black

LICENSE PLATE: (Temporary) IBO 365 (Florida Antique)

LICENSE PLATE: (Permanent) 8 - 6722 (Florida)


Originally Manufactured: approximately second week of April, 1967 in Stuttgart, Germany

Original Color: Metallic Silver body, hardtop and hubcaps (GLASURIT COLOR 180) with Black Interior (116) and Black softtop (720)

Equipped with Factory A/C, Rear Third seat, hard and soft tops, matching leather luggage and Blaupunkt "Frankfurt" radio

Price new: $16,438 ($85,901.71 in 2017 Dollars)

First Date of Sale / Delivery:  26April 1967

Imported to Dallas, Texas in 1968

First Owner: (1968-1990) Unknown

TEXAS Title: X18145087

(Sold in 1989 by IBSEN IMPORTS, Little Rock, Arkansas)

Complete repaint, new interior door panel, brake calipers

   Second Owner:  (1990-2011) Randolph Saber, Memphis, TN

Brake system, new carpet and seats, fuel injection system rebuild


Third Owner: (2011-2016) Joseph Bernard/Baron Joseph/Aubree Lynn Saber, Niceville, FL

FLORIDA Title: 105966440

Third Owner:  Nicholas M. Apostol (2016 - current) Palm City, FL

FLORIDA Title: 105966440

Restored (April - December 2016) by Extreme Performance Inc. and Crown Car Care Inc., Palm City, FL 34990 to include:

full repaint and rust removal, interior door panels, wood replaced, windshield and window glass, full rechrome, trunk interior, rear light lenses, transmission rebuild, new fuel tank, Kandol seat belts installed, starter, hard top liner